About Us

Our Team works on these Naturopathy Principals.

  • Recover natural powers.
  • Treats on root cause of problem.
  • Using natural way to cure problem with drugless and harmless technics.
  • Balancing the body energy lavel to prevent future diseases.
  • Treating the whole body not on a disease.

  • Dr Nitesh kumawat Founder of Yogvansham seva sansthan (BNYS,DNYS,CCNY)

    प्रकृति के बनाए जीवों को केवल प्रकृति ही स्वस्थ बना सकती हैं।

  • Manvander Singh (BNYS, VISHARAD-SANGEET)

    You are influenced by the world, Take some time and find your True Self. Spread Happiness, Do what is best for everyone.

  • Ashish joshi (BNYS)

    सभ्यता द्वारा घायल हुए लोगो के लिए , योग सबसे बड़ा मरहम है।

  • Virendra Kumar (BNYS,B.Sc.)

    काबिलियत हमेशा उस दीपक की तरह रखो की अंधेरा होने पर लोगो के पास आपके अलावा दूसरा विकल्प ना हो।

  • Nilesh kumar jangir Doctor at Yogvansham seva sansthan. (BNYS)

    Don't waste words on people who deserve your silence. Sometimes the most powerful thing you can say is nothing.

  • Vinod kumar Doctor at Yogvansham seva sansthan. Assistant professor at Dhanvantari ayurved nursing traning center,Jaipur.Rajasthan. (BNYS)

    Yog and Nature is best for healthy life.

  • Ghanshyam choudhary Doctor & Yoga Trainer at Yogvansham seva sansthan. District coordinator at international naturopathy organisation(INO),Sikar. (BNYS,B.SC)

    Be Positive Be Happy Be Healthy

  • Kailash kishan vishnoi (BNYS)

    Yoga is my heartbeat.

  • Ashish kumar bijarnia (BNYS, D-Pharma, DAC)

    Trust me I am a pharmacist, who transforms a handful of chemicals into life-saving medicines.

  • Dr Devansu Jat MO at Yogvansham hospital, palsana (BNYS)

    We have been born from nature, nature nurtures us for a lifetime, and only in nature is the magic that gives us complete wellness when the creature is unwell