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Due to the harmful side effects of modern medical methods, people were seen troubled, their problems were not cured, but they still depended on medicines throughout their life, many times losing their lives due to many types of risky operations and paralyzing many people. When seen, in order to make people believe that complete treatment is possible by naturopathy and to spread awareness among them, some doctors of naturopathy (BNYS) together started some Yogvansham naturopathy hospitals, in which even today many types of fatal and chronic diseases are successfully treated.

These include liver problems, kidney problems, diseases related to the digestive system, diseases related to women and especially many diseases related to the spine, such as spondylosis of the Back and Neck, spondylitis, gap in the disc, herniated disc, hunchback, 100% relief from many back related diseases like straightening of spine etc. and strengthened people's faith in naturopathy and saved people from life-long dependence on medicines.


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