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It is everyone's right to be healthy, but this is possible only when you get the right treatment for your diseases, but you will be surprised to know that any kind of medicine cannot cure any disease, but medicines in excess quantity can definitely make you more sick.  So let's Return To Nature. Yogavansham Naturopathy Hospital can help bring the power of nature back into your life.

Yogvansham Naturopathy Hospital is a leading naturopathy hospital which has been established for prevention and cure of chronic diseases through detoxification of the body and improvisation of lifestyle, with a yogic & naturopathic approach.

Yogvansham Naturopathy Hospital has pioneered in modern drugless healthcare in Rajasthan (Bharat). 



Presently, many non-degree holders are giving treatment to people in the name of naturopathy but the patient does not get full benefit, hence Yogavansham gives you accurate naturopathy treatment only under the supervision of BNYS degree holders doctors. Naturopathy is a method of balancing the five elements. It cures the diseases of the body through various essential naturopathic treatments. This includes earth element therapy, space element therapy, water element therapy, air element therapy and fire element therapy.


Osteopathy is a holistic approach in which the condition of the muscles, fascia, vertebral column and ligaments surrounding the patient's spine is balanced and their ability to function is improved, thereby increasing the quality of your spine and relieving disease. Is available. In this treatment method, you need to take treatment once or twice a week, thus you can get complete benefits in 12 to 15 sessions. Each session lasts only one to one and a half hours.


Panchakarma is an Ayurvedic therapy consisting of five actions that help cleanse the body of accumulated toxins with the aim of restoring health. Apart from this, activities like Basti Karma, Shirodhara, Abhyanga and Swedan help you in moving towards complete health by relaxing your body from within.


Physiotherapy is an excellent option for physical rehabilitation, injury prevention and achieving health and fitness. The aim of this medical practice is to restore, maintain and maximize the patient's mobility, function and well-being. Physiotherapists involve you in your recovery.


TYPES OF BACK PAIN: 1.Acute Back Pain, 2.Subacute Back Pain, 3.Chronic Back Pain


Knee pain is a common symptom in people of all ages. It may begin suddenly, often after an injury or exercise. Knee pain may start out as a mild discomfort, then gradually get worse.


There are different types of neck pain, which can range from a dull and irritating ache to a burning, debilitating nerve pain that can radiate from the shoulder to the arm. It can also include neck stiffness, inability to turn the neck etc.


Digestive problems refer to any gastrointestinal disturbance that occurs in the digestive system, also called the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. The first symptoms of a digestive system problem usually include bloating, constipation or diarrhea.


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